Kitchen Countertops Remodel Considerations

When choosing new countertops for your kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider. There are many different materials to choose from, and it might seem like an overwhelming task to choose the right one for your kitchen. Several things should be considered before buying new countertops.

  1. Consider your kitchen. This might sound obvious to you, but it is important. Consider the size and shape of your kitchen. If you have an irregularly shaped kitchen, or your kitchen is very large, you might want to go for a lighter material so that is does not make the room too dark, or a material that is easy to cut to size, so you won’t add unnecessary costs to your remodel. Plan your kitchen remodel with your current kitchen in mind.
  2. Consider your cabinets. Yes! Your cabinets! The countertops will rest on the cabinets that are directly underneath it, and this can cause a problem for some heavier materials. Always ask a contractor or a design consultant to see if your current cabinets can support the weight of your new countertops, or if your new countertops will make it necessary to replace your cabinets as well, something you might not have budgeted for.
  3. Consider the upkeep. Every material is different. There are some materials that are very easy to clean, they can take high heat and they are stain and cut resistant. There are other materials that are a lot harder to take good care of. Your contractor can tell you if the countertops your have chosen are, for example, porous, if it can absorb water, and if it will need to be regularly sealed. Read our kitchen countertops cost breakdown for helpful information about countertop cost and care.
  4. Consider color. Look at the difference in stone color and patterns. Some stone patterns can be quite loud. The stone slab in the shop might look quite different than that same stone installed in your home. Consider the color of the walls and ceiling, the color of the cabinets and the appliances. You do not want to make your kitchen too dark, and you don’t want to wash out the colors you do have. Asking a design consultant for the best color and pattern is a great way to avoid visual conflicts.
  5. Consider durability and your ROI. When adding new materials to your home, you always want to keep in mind your own plans for the home. Do you plan to live in that home for a long time, or do you plan to sell in the next few years? How much do you want to spend on countertops that you won’t be using for more than a few years? This is not to say that you should buy the cheapest material out there, because that will in turn devalue the house and will make picky buyers back out of a sale. Your ROI (return on investment) will be higher with a better quality and longer lasting material, but there are certain kinds of high end stone that do not add much additional value and therefore do not add to your ROI. Do your research and talk about this with a design consultant!

Study your kitchen space and do your research before starting any design project. We are here to help you with any questions you might have about the process of your kitchen remodel. Make an appointment today and let a design specialist help you make the most of your kitchen space and budget.