Kitchen Countertop Cost Break-Down

Some common countertop materials used in most American kitchens are listed below. Understanding the options available to you will help you to choose the material that is best for you. Some pros and cons of each of these materials, and their average market prices are also listed here.

  • Quartz ($40 to $140 per square foot installed)

    This man made stone is a mixture of minerals, color, and resin and is very strong and durable. The fun patterns created in the resin are attractive to many as they brighten up any space. This is a great option on any budget as it gives a high ROI. More

  • Granite ($30 to $150 per square foot installed)

    This classic stone is used in many kitchens because it is so functional and versatile. Easy to care for and not easy to break, this stone is a favorite of many. Beware the darker shades of this stone. This is not the countertop that will brighten your kitchen palette, but it will last for a long time. More

  • Marble ($50 to $120 per square foot installed)

    The most classic of the stone types, marble has been a staple of any great house since the first century. This stone is beautiful, comes in many colors, and is strong to resist heat and damage. Make sure your cabinets can support the weight of this dense and heavy stone before you buy! More

  • Onyx ($100+ per square foot installed)

    Onyx is a stunningly beautiful natural stone that through the process of oxygenation repeatedly changes color. Mineral oil rubs are necessary to help keep this stone look its best, and keep the color uniform over time. This stone starts out as a gray color and turns more and more dark until it is a deep black. But be careful, this calcium based stone is soft and brittle. More

  • Quartzite ($90+ per square foot installed)

    Quartzite is a natural stone, not to be confused with quartz which is man-made. This natural stone has similar qualities as marble and granite. It is stronger than marble and easier to care for than both marble and granite, making it a popular choice for many homeowners. But since it is a natural stone and it is not manmade, it comes with a similar price tag attached as other natural stones such as granite and marble. More

  • Soapstone ($65-$120 per square foot installed)

    This unique stone is similar to granite but not as common. It is beautiful to look at, but nicks, chips, and scratches easily. There are some tough stains that are hard to get rid of once they are there. This unique stone will have to be treated with mineral oils regularly and is therefore less commonly used. More

  • Travertine ($50 $100 per square foot installed)

    Travertine is a natural limestone, deposited by mineral springs. This strong and versatile stone is great for kitchen countertops because it is strong and resilient. It comes in many shades of color including white, tan, cream colored, even rusty varieties. Travertine is sure to brighten up any kitchen. More