Remodeling Services

Star Home Remodeling, a general contractor company, offers turn-key, kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling services and home renovation services.  We focus on a balanced design and lifestyle approach to ensure the end result will meet the highest standards in design and functionality.

Our customers welcome our straight forward approach to enhancing their home environment.   From a process perspective, our process starts with:

  • A showroom, no obligation, consultation. We ask that at a minimum you come in with digital pictures of the area(s) needing to be remodeled.
  • A review of the customer’s desired remodeling needs. (This is an interactive conversation based on customer specific requirements, review of similar projects and in-showroom material displays.)
  • Providing an estimate of what the customer’s desired scope of work would cost.
  • Jointly decide if customer’s requirements and budget align with our capabilities.
  • Scheduling an in-home review and consultation to further assess and discuss customer requirements and issuing a formal proposal.
  • Follow-up to further refine the scope of work.
  • Finalize scope of work and execute paperwork.

Our areas of expertise include:

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Custom Cabinets


Home Renovation Services