Get The Bathroom of Your Dreams

Designing Your Dream Bathroom:

Designing your dream bathroom calls for careful space planning, considering your needs, and a sophisticated mix of materials, textures and proper lighting and fixtures. Get expert tips here for making your dream bathroom a reality.

Function First:

Do your bathroom remodel ideas include the functionality of your new bathroom? Make sure the bathroom you are designing is going to be useful for all the members of your household, and serve you for many years to come.

Your Bathroom Is An Oasis, Make It Relaxing:

Your bathroom makeover is underway, so make sure you are making choices for YOU! You are the primary user of your bathroom, so make sure that the bathroom you are designing is an oasis to you, full of relaxing and destressing elements.

Map and Measure Everything:

During the bathroom design process, make sure that a Design Specialist or contractor is working on the architectural planning of the bathroom redesign. Ask to see the plans and make sure you are involved in this important part of the remodeling journey.

Leave Room In Your Budget To Splurge A Little:

A cost effective design is one that accounts for everything. Leave some room in your budget to get the design accessories that will make your bathroom into the perfect spa-like environment that you won’t want to leave. Adding some beautiful and well placed fixtures will add drama and style to your bathroom. Being conscious of the market prices of these items might require some research and some showroom shopping. Choosing the scope of your bathroom remodel will help you stay on budget and on track.

Choose Your Style, Motif, And Colors:

Your bathroom remodel will really come together if there is a style which ties the design elements together. The right motifs and colors can make the style come to the forefront and really pop. A design really comes to life with the right lighting. A well thought out mirror placement can make the room seem bigger and the space more open. If design is not your forte ask one of our experienced Star Home Remodeling Specialists to help you choose a style to fit your dream bathroom.

Choose Materials That Complement Bathrooms:

Your bathroom makeover should complement your bathroom space. Research on which stone, which tile and which lighting and fixtures best hold up in a bathroom environment is important. Choosing the countertops in your bathroom should take into consideration the wear and tear these countertops will be exposed to. Which stone is best for a bathroom setting? Ask a Star Home Remodeling Design Specialist to go over your options with you.

Add Some Green:

Think about eco friendly bathroom design. There are many options for homeowners to add some green element into their design. From low-flow toilets, to air filters, there is something for every budget. Adding some eco friendly element to your new bathroom is not only good for the air quality in your home, but it is also great for your budget! Getting more done with less resources is always a good choice.