Custom Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other areas cabinets, provide a key design focal point in addition to ultimately determining how well space is utilized.

Star Home Remodeling offers a variety of options for custom cabinets including modular and custom built cabinets. In addition to offering new cabinets, we also offer cabinet modifications, refinishing and refacing options. We will walk you through the options and selection process to determine style, finish, construction type and wood species or changes required that fit your overall design.


Cabinets are available in a variety of styles including traditional, transitional and contemporary. A traditional cabinet will have face frame all-around doors and drawer fronts (this is also known as a traditional overlay or American style cabinet). A transitional style cabinet will have a minimal overlay and the doors and drawer are larger covering more of the frame. Lastly, a contemporary cabinet, or European style cabinet, will have no face frame, but rather only doors and drawer fronts.


The cabinet finish choices, whether paint or stain based, are truly endless. A challenging aspect of selecting new cabinets is deciding on just the right look. Options abound, including:

  • Classic Stains – Ensure the beauty of the wood is preserved while accenting it with a chosen color tone.
  • Classic Paints – Offer dense color and solid coverage plus the flexibility to design with simplicity or sophistication.
  • Matched Paints – Ideal for those customers that already have a color in mind.
  • Vintage Paints – A multi-step painted finish created by accenting an enamel base coat with hand-wiped glaze to create a patina which enhances both the color and character for and vintage look.
  • Heirloom Paints – Achieved by accenting an enamel base coat with a hand-wiped glaze. The amount of glaze hang-up varies based on door/texture style.
  • Highlighted Paints – Produced by accenting an enamel base coat with hand brushed highlights. For cabinets, the brush strokes are defined and included on profiles of doors and drawer fronts to enhanced detail.
  • Color Washed Stains – Color washed stains with brushed touches.
  • Distressing – For cabinets, this is produced by manually distressing the wood with sanded corners; dents, glaze hang-ups, worm holes, knife marks and spatter marks.


There are a variety of ways a cabinet and its component may be built. Some of the options include cabinets that are of solid wood (also included in this category is plywood), MDF or particleboard, end panels options (solid wood, captured vs flush), wood doors either 5-piece or solid, drawer boxes all in wood with dovetail and capture bottoms, etc. Glides and hinges have undergone many changes throughout the years and recently most customers are requesting that their cabinets to have full extension, soft close drawer glides and soft close hinges.

Wood Species

A variety of woods are used in cabinet construction; from the traditional Oak and Maples to more exotic woods such as Rustic Alder and Cherry.

If existing cabinets are retained, some key new kitchen cabinets components, such as a new wood hood or island unit, molding, corbels, valances, etc., will drastically improve the look and feel of your kitchen. When combined with refinishing and refacing the end result can be truly stunning.
Any kitchen or bathroom cabinet may also further increase the effectiveness of its design by including cabinet organizers to fit your lifestyle. Some of the more popular organizers for kitchen cabinets include knife and utensil organizers, blind corner solutions as half-moon or lazy susans, waste containers, tiered accessory drawers, etc. In a bathroom, some popular options include clothing hamper, grooming organizer, vanity base organizer, etc.