Cabinet Refacing Or Cabinet Refinishing: What Is The Difference?

Get Started With Your Cabinet Remodel:

Did you know you can remodel your kitchen or bathroom by just focussing on renovating your cabinets? If you are getting ready to remodel your kitchen and give it a fresh new look there are some things you need to consider. Before removing all of the cabinets and starting a long and extensive remodel, you might want to consider cabinets refinishing or cabinets refacing for your existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This is a good option especially if you already like the layout of your current kitchen. You can change the look of your kitchen dramatically without buying a whole new kitchen. But what is the difference between these two processes and which one is right for you?

Cabinet Refacing:

Refacing, or resurfacing your existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets is just that: changing the face or the front of the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, i.e. the cabinet doors. Resurfacing kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets is a process in which the existing cabinet framework is resurfaced with laminate or wood veneer replacement material. This means that an extra layer is added on top of the existing cabinet doors, which not only gives your cabinets a modern and updated look, it also strengthens the structure of the cabinets, making them more durable and longer lasting. This process is attractive because of its many benefits: it is cheaper than replacing the existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it gives the these areas a new and different look, and it also strengthens and prolongs the life of the cabinets you already have.

Cabinet Refinishing:

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets is simply the process of chemically removing or altering the paint and veneer from your cabinets, sanding them down, and repainting or restaining the cabinets to make them look like new. This can be done if you want to keep your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets the same color and stain, or if you want a completely new look for your kitchen. This is the cheapest and fastest option of the two, but it is also the least impactful and your kitchen will still very much look the same.  A bold new handle on your cabinet doors can make quite a difference.

Conclusion Refacing vs. Refinishing:

When people start to use the words refacing and resurfacing you know that those words are interchangeable and they are talking about the same process. Refinishing is a slightly less invasive and less expensive option for your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. Both of these processes are great for home improvements on a budget and on a time table. These kitchen or bathroom projects can take about 3 days to a week to complete and won’t completely put your kitchen or bathroom out of commission. Refacing or refinishing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a great option for your if you already like the general look and layout of your existing kitchen or bathroom. Read our kitchen remodel and house prices: a study to find out more about remodeling costs in your area, and the best way to get a great return on your remodeling investment.